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Plants in season

Posted by pippa at 16:46 on 16 Jun 2018


Once again we are showcasing our scented leaf pelargoniums (or geraniums to those of us who have not kept up with the genus name changes). They got a complimentary mention on Gardeners Question Time a couple of weeks ago, with a reminder that the leaves are edible (possibly from Bob Flowerdew) as well as scented.

These lovely plants are often ignored or forgotten but are a delight in any home or garden. In our opinion much better than their other more blowsy cousins in the pelargonium family. You can enjoy them in a pot of on a windowsill inside. With their scented, varied textures and shapes of leaf, the bright colours of their flowers, the scented oils they produce and the flavour they can add to food and drinks, they appeal to all five of our senses. How many other plants manage to deliver so much in one plant?