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Farm shop

In the shop we sell our own-grown salads and our own freshly cut flowers (in season). We also sell tea, coffee, jams, honey, local organic cheese and the chutneys that we serve in the cafe.

We also sell Rhosgadw Farm meat from a family run farm just two miles down the road from the Perennial. Their herd of Herefords graze on grass and the heathland on the common land surrounding the farm. All the beef is hung 21 days giving the meat the maximum flavour and tenderness. The lamb is from a flock of ewes which graze locally, all year on grass.

And if there is something delicious fresh and seasonal we have been able to source locally you'll find it on our shelves. Our garden and cafe site has been renovated and restored by local craftsmen and in the shop and around the garden we have examples of their work which you can buy or order. Our Garden theme is also represented in the Gardenalia we stock for sale and feature a range of stock through the season, as available.