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We are passionate about organic growing methods for all the plants, ornamental or edible, that are produced at Perennial. The soil is fertile, and we use no-dig cultivation to produce a wonderful array of salads, oriental leaves and herbs throughout the year. Some are grown in polytunnels, some outdoors amongst the flowers, but all are untainted by pesticides ........ which is good for you, and good for the bees and wildlife in our garden.

We grow colourful and spicy Mustards and other Oriental leaves through winter and spring, with flavours ranging from mild to hot, and shapes from feathery to flat. They are great as additions to salads, or cooked briefly in the last stages of a stir-fry, or whizzed up into a punchy pesto .

Then there is a beautiful array of Lettuces through summer and autumn, and some in winter too: red, green or freckled, crunchy or soft, wavy edged, oak-leafed, or plain, shiny or crinkly ....... the variety of textures and tastes of Lettuces is a revelation. We grow Parsley, Spring Onions, Coriander, Rocket and edible flowers and Pea-shoots as well. You will not look at a supermarket bag of salad in the same way again!

Our salads are freshly picked, washed and loose-bagged , so they stay fresh in a fridge drawer for 4 or 5 days... meaning less waste, and better value. To reduce single-use plastic waste we have found totally home compostable paper and film bags for leaves sold in our shop and in other veg shops and markets that we supply. Great for the environment! Unfortunately, the fresh shelf-life is not quite as good as in plastic bags, so we recommend transferring the leaves to a box in the fridge when you get home, if you are not going to eat them within 48 hrs.

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